Anti-Static Packaing

Provide a complete set of solutions

for insulation, heat insulation, packaging and compounding.


  • Product application
It has three functions of resistance of the static, electromagnetic interference and moisture. Faraday electric cage structure, shielding obstruction is 60db on average in sake of protecting products. Metallized Aluminum exterior , its resistance is below 0.1 Ω.
Strong four-layer composite ability, firmly sealed, good waterproof performance, fourfold permeation, oxygen-proof, light proof and puncture resistant. It can be vacuumed and printed according to clients’needs.
The product can be used for any electronic product which has moisture –proof demands like: all kinds of PCboard, IC , Drive, hard disks, the chemical raw materials and the vacuum packaging of medical intermediates. And the surface resistance: 106-1010Ω.